Project Partner

The organisation

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, RSE S.p.A., is a joint-stock company part of the GSE S.p.A. corporate group. The research activity concerns the entire electroenergy chain with particular reference to strategic projects at national and European level, from an experimental and applicative perspective, useful to the central and local public administration system, to the production system in its broadest articulation, to consumer associations and groupings of small and medium-sized enterprises, also in synergy with other research centres.

The role in SENERGY NETS

The major role of RSE is as a Work package leader of WP7 “Value creation from enegy system integration”. Other relevant participations regard: the support in the development and exploitation of tools for Italian demo, the comparative stand-alone studies about the efficiency of different kinds of TSO-DSO interaction schemes and real time market architectures, the support in Identification of challenges related to territorial social and environmental effects, support in scenario definition.

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