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May 28, 2024
10:00 - 11:30
Decarbonising district heating and cooling

Joint Policy Roundtable

SENERGY NETS joined a cluster of other EU-funded projects which involve the district heating sector in their innovation and research area. This webinar is one of the policy-focused events that SENERGY NETS participates. The session is co-organised by the project cluster in the frame of the EUSEW 2024 as a Sustainable Energy Day.


Heating and cooling accounts for around half of the energy consumed in the European Union. Despite significant measures to reduce demand, residential, tertiary and industrial buildings still need heating and cooling. Greater flexibility through energy system integration and the deployment of renewables and waste heat in District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks will contribute to delivering sustainable heating and cooling and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 without impacting the landscape.   

Five EU-funded R&I projects (HYPERGRYD, Bio-FlexGen, W.E. District, REWARDHeat and SENERGY NETS) are joining forces to further increase the current momentum around DHC, supporting the transition towards more efficient, lower-temperature and highly renewable thermal grids. While developing advanced technologies for DHC, these projects are investigating barriers and opportunities at the policy level. The main findings, including conclusions from a recently published joint policy paper, will be discussed during a 90-minute workshop which will take place on 28.05.2024. 


1.      Welcome and introduction to the topic by moderator- Marco Calderoni, R2M Solution
2.      Short overview of the 5 EU-funded projects:

  • Bio-FlexGen
  • Hypergryd
  • REWARDHeat
  • W.E. District

3.      Policies for decarbonising the DHC sector

  • The EC perspective: Madis Laaniste, Policy Officer, DG ENER, European Commission
  • The industry’s perspective: András Takács, Policy Advisor, Euroheat & Power      
  • Presentation of the policy paper: Roberto Fedrizzi, Coordinator, Sustainable Heating and Cooling Systems, EURAC

4. Round table discussion

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