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The European Green Deal sets out the path to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050 and, among others, prioritises energy efficiency, improving the energy performance of our buildings and developing a power sector based largely on renewable sources.

There are however several challenges in this path that include:

  • The planning of energy networks and assets are done in silo by their operators.
  • The value of flexibility is usually analysed without considering the overall created value of the system integration (economic, environmental, societal)

SENERGY-NETS will develop a set of tools and platforms (up to TRL7/8) aimed to optimise the planning of District Heating and Cooling as well as distribution grids with sector coupling consideration and allow the provision of flexibility services to Distribution and Transmission System Operators.

These solutions will be implemented on three pilot sites located in Milan (IT), Ljubljana (SI) and Paris (FR) and their replicability will be tested in two additional real case studies presenting alternative climatic, economic and geographic conditions in Västerås (SW) and Cordoba (ES).

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The project will evaluate the benefits through a consolidated methodology developed to estimate the overall value created by sector integration, relying on the current economic, regulation and market rules and assess the impacts on the European power system.



Demonstrate the capability of MES to decarbonize the heating and cooling sector using local RES production and sector coupling


Demonstrate the capability of MES to decarbonize the power sector by providing cost efficient flexibility for energy markets and ancillary services to DSO and TSO


Enable MES to provide flexibility services by delivering a set of tools for planning and operation


Enable DSO to integrate flexibility services from MES by delivering a set of tools for planning and operation


Enable flexibility provision at local scale by defining market requirements for DSO ancillary services adapted to MES


Maximize the impact by developing and applying a consolidated method to evaluate the overall created value by sector integration


Maximize the impact and geographical reach of SENERGY NETS through the deployment of communication and dissemination channels and synergies with other HORIZON projects

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