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Visit at Paris demo

The executive board of SENERGY NETS held a meeting in Paris on 16 May 2024 to discuss the progress of the project. The day’s agenda included a visit to the demo site owned by Dalkia at the Montparnasse area of the french capital.

During our visit to the Paris demonstrator facilities, we had the opportunity to learn about the technical management of the buildings, which enables the facilities to be controlled remotely and site data to be collected.

The tour continued with a look at the pumps in the tempered water loop, which circulate the fluid between 20 and 45°C, and the pumps in the cooling network for the 5 drys-cooler cascade, which cool the network once the temperature of 39°C is reached.

The tour ended on the 7th basement level with the discovery of the premises containing the 2,500 kW heat pump, its evaporator and condenser pumps producing domestic hot water at 55°C for the hotel unit, and the premises housing the 13 storage tanks designed to smooth out peaks in consumption on the tempered loop for a maximum period of 12 hours.

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